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Welcome to Adam's World, a Blog. These are my personal ramblings, and I make no guarantee to their cohesiveness. Enjoy reading my ramblings and if the mood strikes you feel free to leave a comment or two.

Random Ramblings

Shoddy internet makes it hard to post

So I’m in London now, with a very unreliable connection. Because of that, I’m unable to make my usual posts. However, I am still writing them and will post them when services become more reliable. Right now, I’m posting this at a local McDonald’s that has free WiFi. McDonalds: “i’m lovin’ it!”

Stay tuned…I promise!

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Hey Dell, you’re a little late!

I know this blog was initially setup for my travels, and I plan on writing things in it from time to time after the fact. I thought you guys might find this funny. I called Dell last December to complain about a dead pixel on my then-new Dell Mini 10v Netbook. Nothing really happened with it, since they would only replace it if there were 5 dead pixels, so nothing ever happened with my machine.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I get an email from Dell asking me to take a survey on the support call I places on 12/11/2009. By this point, I don’t even remember calling Dell, let alone remembering the quality of service I was given.

The icing on the cake was when I clicked the link to take the survey, It had already been deactivated. Oh well. Guess they’ll never know.

Better late then never, huh Dell? (click for larger version)

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I want to get away, I want to fly away.

So a few weeks ago, I purchased a JetBlue “All You Can Jet” airline pass.  For those that don’t know, JetBlue sells a pass allowing you to travel unlimited times to any location JetBlue flies to for 30 days starting the day after labor day.

At first, I was a little unsure about it but after reading stories of people doing it last year I was hooked. When I started booking flights, I got this giant feeling of adventure – like I wanted to see everything. That wasn’t possible, but after many many (many many) hours of piecing things together, I built what I thought to be a perfect itinerary. So, here goes:

  • Sept 7 – Long Beach, CA to Seattle, WA
  • Sept 9 – Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC
  • Sept 11 – Charlotte, NC to Aruba
  • Sept 14 – Aruba to Los Angeles
  • Sept 16 – Los Angeles to San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Sept 18 – San Juan, Puerto Rico to Orlando, FL
  • Sept 21 – Orlando, FL to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
  • Sept 23 – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to New York, NY
  • Sept 25 – New York, NY to San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Sept 27 – San Jose, Costa Rica to Portland, ME
  • Sept 28 – Portland, ME to Washington, DC
  • Sept 30 – Washington DC to Ft. Myers, FL
  • Oct 2 – Ft. Myers, FL to Buffalo, NY
  • Oct 4 – Buffalo, NY to Los Angeles, CA
  • For a more detailed look at this itinerary, you can check it out right over here.

Total miles: 31,204

Whew, quite a journey! I am traveling most of it alone, and meeting up with certain people along the way for shared hotels, dinner, etc thanks in part to JetBlue’s awesome Facebook page.

I’m putting most of my focus on the international destinations since those would be the places I would most likely not be able to get to in the near future. For example, in Costa Rica I plan on staying at this amazing hollowed out 727 airplane hotel room called the 727 Fuselage Home.

How awesome is this hotel room? *Stock Photo*

Also in Costa Rica I plan on taking a visit to the Arenal Volcano. It’s the largest active volcano in the world, and taking a hike after-dark allows to see lava. REAL F’N LAVA! How awesome is that?

One of the purposes of me setting up this blog is that I hope to post as frequently as I can, where ever I happen to be. Maybe a photo, maybe a story – who knows. I want to use this as my personal journal during this trip, and I’d love for you to come along! Comment if you like something, comment if you don’t like something. I will be checking them daily (as free WiFi allows, anyway).

So tomorrow starts a trip of a lifetime!

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New website launch!

Yes, I know my old site was aging. I know it had old information and pictures. It was about time I did something about it. Well, truth be told I’ve been working in this site re-design for quite a while, about 6 months or so, I just had to get off my lazy bum and finish it. Since I know I have hordes of people coming to this site </sarcasm> I figured I would list some new things:

  • A complete new re-design. The old layout was getting, well…old.
  • I’ve updated some information that was a bit out of date.
  • I added a photography page showcasing some of my favorite photos I’ve taken.
  • I re-encoded all of my videos and they are now stored locally.
  • Same stupid picture on the front page. (will that ever change?)
  • Added A NEW BLOG! Now, I may not update it frequently but it’s there.

So there you have it. If you’re having withdrawals about the old site, you can still access it (kind of) at:

Now I still have some tweaking to do here and there but for the most part I’m pretty happy with how it looks. I’d be interested in some feedback, if the 3 of you reading this care to give me any. 3 cheers for no visitors!

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