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Denmark Day 2 – Segway!

So day 2 of Copenhagen was a bit better then the first. Thanks to TripAdvisor, I found this awesome tour of Copenhagen done on a Segway! It was ranked as the #1 “activity” in Copenhagen. I booked a 10am tour, but before the tour came breakfast.

Breakfast in Copenhagen, or more specifically,  my hotel was much more reasonable at around 50DKK, which was around $10 US. Not too bad, and since I figured I would pay double anywhere else I made it happen. When I did, I learned something about breakfast in Denmark. Breakfast is really lunch. And by that I mean that Denmark breakfast consisted of 10 different types of cheeses, processed lunch meats (ham, turkey, salami, etc) along with several different types of bread. In other words- LUNCH. Sure there was a tiny section of bran flakes and milk in a corner, but come on. After lunch breakfast, I was off to the Segways!

Prior to today I had only rode a Segway once, and it was at Disney World where they let you ride it for 30 seconds and only just to say you’ve ridden one. This, however, was SO MUCH BETTER! I arrived to find I’d be sharing my tour with 2 other gentlemen, both from London. Our tour guide/owner of the company was Seamus, and he was awesome.

Here’s a pic of me when we first started the tour. Notice the river is frozen. Also notice the the creepy statue in the water. What the hell is that?!


We drove all around Copenhagen pointing out different areas and buildings. He even took a video of me being goofy on my Segway! For obvious reasons, I won’t be posting the goofy video of me but here’s another photo as a consolation. (I love the California license plate, by the way)

We stopped at a coffee shop along the way to warm up since it was below freezing. After our little break, Seamus took us to see the changing of the guard at the Amalienborg Palace, which is the winter home of the Denmark royal family. It was pretty neat to see something like that, as I’d never really seen anything related to royalty before.

Here’s a video I shot:

After that, we headed on over to Copenhagen’s “New Harbor” or as they call it “Nyhavn”. The buildings are colorfully painted and is supposedly the most photographed spot in Copenhagen. I find it funny that it’s called the ‘New’ harbor, but it was dug by Swedish prisoners in 1660. I guess the word “New” is up for interpretation.

Copenhagen's New Harbor

Finally, we rounded out the tour at Copenhagen’s most famous landmark – The Little Mermaid. It’s small and boring and gives you that “this is it?” feeling. The statue was unveiled in 1913 and has sat in it’s very spot until the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China. It returned 6 months later, looking depressing as ever.

Copenhagen's Little Mermaid *stock photo*

After the tour, I wandered around the city for a bit as I really had nowhere else to go. I checked out of the hotel, and my flight to London wasn’t for another few hours so I decided to take in some local food. The Danish aren’t known for their delicatessen, but one of the things I had to try was a “Danish sausage”. This is essentially a hot dog wrapped in bacon and shoved in a bun. It’s not a typical hot dog bun mind you, but a hoagie roll with a round hole cut in it. They squeeze some ketchup and shove the sausage in and voila!

Danish Sausage. With bacon.

After a while I headed back to the Copenhagen airport for my flight to London.  Since I was arriving to the UK pretty late and the airport was an hour outside of the city, I decided to stay at a little Bed and Breakfast not far from the airport. Good thing too, since the flight was running late and the UK customs line was an hour wait. It was almost 1am when I got to the little town of Stansted. Just a few minutes walk from the train station was the B&B called Chimneys Guest House.

I’ve spent the night at a lot of hotels, and this was, by far, the most welcoming place I’ve ever been to. I felt like I was spending the night at a family member’s house, right down to the stuffed animal on the bed! They even had tea and fresh cold milk ready for my arrival. It was a welcome change from the other hotels I’ve been to.

Chimney's Guest House - My room!

Tomorrow morning, to London!

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  1. Phil G. says:

    Looks like you had a great time! So glad!


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