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Day 24 – Delayed in Portland, Maine

Costa Rica was great, but it was now time for a little change of pace: a lobster lunch in Portland, Maine. Yes, I said lunch because I setup my flights to arrive at 11AM and leave at 3:30PM, just enough time for a nice lobster lunch. Mother nature, however, had a different plan for me.

While I was in Costa Rica, a small tropical storm has formed just south of Florida. It had made its way up the east coast and eventually to Portland, Maine, that’s the backstory.

When I landed in Maine, I got a phone call from JetBlue telling me my afternoon flight was cancelled.


They said that New York was expecting bad weather and it was a precaution. The earliest they could get me out was at 3:30PM the next day. This was unacceptable to me because I was set to go to Washington DC by the end of the night and I had already paid for my hotel room, so I started looking for a flight from another airline. I thought to myself, “all you need to go is get to New York, and you can make your connecting flight to DC” so I bought a flight from US Air that was scheduled to leave around the same time as my cancelled flight. All I can do was hope.

With my entire evening resting in the hands of fate, I took a taxi to the wharf district of Portland to get some fresh steamed lobster. I had done a lot of research on where to go, and I decided on a local’s hang out place called The Porthole.

Porthole Restaurant in Portland, Maine

I sat down and ordered their 1.5 pound steamer.

Delicious Lobster

I finished every last bit of it, but I was still hungry. The server asked if I wanted anything else, so I said “Hell, bring me another lobster!” Hey, you only live once.

After lunch I took a taxi back to the airport where I saw my new US Air flight was delayed 15 minutes. Ok, I can deal with that. Well, over the next several hours the US Air flight kept getting progressively more delayed until it was ultimately cancelled. *sigh* My grand master plan of trying to make it to Washing DC by nightfall had failed.

Luckily the US Air flight was canceled due to a mechanical, which means the airline is forced to put me up in a hotel and give me food vouchers. What did I buy with the food vouchers?

These were compliments of US Air!

Two more lobsters! That brings my grand total of lobsters to 4 for the day. Four lobsters is not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I left at 6:45AM the next morning to continue my journey. Sure I had a little bit of a hiccup in my schedule, but I realized that I hadn’t had a problem up until now, so I considered myself lucky. Next up, Washington DC!

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2 Responses to “Day 24 – Delayed in Portland, Maine”

  1. Taylor says:

    I am loving your stories and photos! The volcano in Costa Rica looks amazing, and the 747 undoubtedly was as well! I LOVE that you went to Maine specifically for a lobster lunch (although that turned into a lobster lunch, dinner, and hotel stay), and your photo of yourself in a lobster bib with a plate full of gigantic lobsters is adorable… the manly-man kind of adorable, I’m sure you understand 🙂

    I am still SO jealous of this trip you’re taking. Will you be able to do it again next year? I have to get in on this! 🙂


  2. Lange Makki says:

    what a story! 🙂


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